• Ashley Purdy: Even Gayer than Andy 6 Beersack

    December 2, 2011 8:06 pm 103 comments

    I thought Andy beersack was pretty gay. But what is gayer than admitted sodomite Andy Beersack? That would be Ashley Purdy.

    Purdy is best known as the bassist for satanic emosexual band, Black Veal Brides. The little deviant was born, January 28, 1984 and is 26 years old. He is a certified graphic designer. We all know that homosexuals love art and designing.

    For a long time I have pointed out how these emosexual rockers like to blur the line between proper sexual models. Girls dress like guys and guys dress like boys. In the world of emosexuals there is no definition or preference for hetero sexual relations. They all like to pile up like a bunch of furries and hump what ever is in front of them.

    In a world of blurred lines of what is male and what is female Purdy blurs it even more than most. One look will tell you that it is a girl but from all of the research I have done it turns out that it really is a male!

    Just look at that picture! Everything tells you that it is a girl. But it isn’t! What in the world is it thinking? What kind of man dresses like a little whorelot and licks on a lollipop like a Kardasian dog in heat. A freak. A satanic evil freak.

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