• Atheists are spiritual zombies

    December 12, 2011 10:14 pm 20 comments
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  • First of all, what is religion? In every society religion has been the belief in an immaterial world, it interests itself with questions of life after death. In every religion we have basic forms of animism. Religion answers a need of purpose in our existences, Its beliefs are put into practise with the numerous rituals religion has.
    Now its important to understand that religion makes the acceptance of death easier because it postulates the idea of continuation.
    Some say religion is a sort of primitive science to explain the unexplainable, religion eliminates randomness in life and allows us to have a certain control over our lives. Religion is also useful because it gives meaning to suffering and heals our sorrow. It also allows us to accept our death and diminishes the angst of death. In short religion gives purpose to our lives. Finally, religion propagates common values and reinforces the solidarity of the group, it diminishes insecurity and renders our behaviour much more predictable.

    Now I want it to be clearly understood that anyone who opposes these principles has committed a great sin against his own human nature, a sort of spiritual suicide as I have said. These people are impervious towards the angst of death and finality because they have already clearly embraced it. They may kid themselves that their purpose in life is ‘’ knowledge’’ or whatever else, but that’s not real purpose its an illusion. The religious person is someone who stands up and fights the final power of death, the atheistic believer in science is someone who freely accepts the dominion of death over this world by refusing the idea of continuation and of life after death , in another world.

    All of this is what is at the core here, belief in life over acceptation of nothingness, and anyone who says that he has defeated the angst of death by giving himself the illusory purpose of the pursuit of knowledge or gum collecting is either lying or has committed spiritual suicide. The religious person is engaged in a fight to defeat death and nothingness. The future death of our universe, our own death, the end of all things, are all factors he is fighting. All religions are all tending towards the same victory: the victory of life over death. This is why I use the expression spiritual suicide to describe atheistic believers in science. what’s sad about this is that in most cases, one cannot undo spiritual suicide. All one can do is try and rationalise the suicide, one will look at the absence of evidence and view it as evidence against God, one will frequent Militant atheist boards , one will try to convince himself of illusory purpose. One will attempt to convince himself of the moral inferiority of religion, cetera… cetera.

    In any case, these atheistic believers in science have abandoned the good fight: life over death, this minority have embraced the finality of the universe, and have become part of it. This is where they belong, they are no different from the stones and dust now.

    Yet, I remain optimistic. We have all witnessed the power of love of life over the love of death and nothingness. I recall the accounts of the saints walking in the arena freely towards the wild beasts in roman times, these men loved life so much that they were ready to give it up in this world for the idea of continuation and for pure love of life. Saint Maximillian Kolbe being a modern example. This is why hope subsists, by the power of life over death.

    In conclusion, this is what is at the core of each religion, from the weighing of the heart of Egyptian mythology to the reincarnation of Buddhism, towards the resurrection of Jesus-Christ. A simple fight of life over death, the good fight.

    Now that this is settled, lets explore the psyche of the atheistic believer in science. This person is profoundly militant and also profoundly anti theist. His spiritual suicide has left a violent pain in his being, and to sooth it he will attack the beliefs of others, so that they too may descend into the abyss, so that he may have companionship along the way.Ironically, the atheistic believer in science views his condition as superior, he views himself as thinking clearly and seeing clearly when all he sees is darkness.

    It is a profoundly irrational choice to chose nothingness over purpose, any rational person would chose purpose and a happy life over spiritual suicide and an existence without purpose. Yet, those that have commited spiritual suicide do not see this, they are blind and in many cases conquered by pride and hatred. Sites like these become a beacon for the walking spiritual dead, they congregate and rejoice, in their very own church of death, they give thanks for the spiritual death and seek that illusory purpose violently.

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