• Barbaric Egyptians Strip Woman Down to Bra, Force Her to Sin

    December 18, 2011 7:27 pm 29 comments

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    It is nice to see what the Egyptians are doing with freedom.

    It has not even been several months since America freed the Egyptians and we can already see the thanks we get.  Instead of treating all women like equals and being a great melting pot like our Christian nation, here the Arab men stick to their typical violence.

    You can see them stripping this woman out of her derka and exposing her flesh in the street.  They then copped a feel of her baba goonash and tried to play eggplant falafel with her nethers if you get my drift.  They were forcing this women to sin so they could have an excuse to later stone her.  What's even more disturbing is that these are civilians, the government is twice as worse.

    If George W. Bush were still president, this barbarians would not act like this.  They would still be too ascared to come out their caves because NUKES AND WARPLANES would be waiting on them.  Instead, we see them abusing women.

    Egyptians are a historical cat people so you already expect Satanic behavior out of them, but things like this really do just take the cake.

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