• Basketball Fight Between Cincinatti and Xavier

    December 11, 2011 4:49 am 1 comment
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  • What happens when you mix adrenaline, melanine and basketballs?  A fight!

    This type of unsportsmanlike conduct was just not what our good friend Dr. James Naismith had in mind when he invented basketball.  Basketball was invented as a game for Christian men who needed a break from study and hard work.  They could form teams and use phenomenal passes and well-formed shots from the floor to train their main in precision and accuracy, a tough geometric mix that also improved math skills too.

    When certain people gained the right to play basketball in the 1960s, everything was ruined.  No longer were clean, solid passes and free throws imporant.  No longer were good training, proper fitted uniforms and thrilling layups that required a knowledge of physics and geometry (and calculus for us smarter math types) the norm.  It was all about flash, fights and tribal emotions!

    Now, it is rare to see an NBA start shoot from the field.  Like little hopping hot pgmy jumping frijole negro jumping beans they all jumping around in baggy shorts, corned rows in their hair and shimmery gold on their teeths!  It is just a sick joke what  the NBA has become!  Then they have the audacity to go to other countries to play when their owners told them they have too much money!

    My blood is boiled so I will just play the video.  Here we see two basketball teams fight each other and if you look closely you’ll notice there’s one flavor of pudding that’s mostly doing all the fighting and instigation.

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