• Beware the Chinese Transgender

    December 7, 2011 9:14 am 21 comments

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    Transgender homosexuals are a people who violate law and nature!  They are born with proper genes, an XX woman or an XY gene.  They are blessed to not be like Jamie Lee Curtis who has a man’s genes in a woman’s body and yet they want to trick us all and have dally time with the opposite of what they were supposed to be when they were created proper!  It is not right and makes my blod boil.

    But today my friend I seen the scariest thing as I was browsing the www for more things to warn you all about.  We all know China is evil and they all squint their little lives and stamp their little feet in joyous laughter when they trick Americans into nastiness!

    As we learned when we had to attack China’s city of Vietnam in the 60s, there is nothing but saki saki sucky cocky five dorrah prostitution and disease going on there.  Where do you think Aids came from?  If it was not the gays, it had to be the Charlie Chimichongchonga Chinese!

    Don’t call me racist, I’m just angry today when I think about how so many angry eyed Chinese flew across the ocean drinking their tiger blood whiskey and lapping their duck pork seeking lips with delight when they thought about roasting our sons at Pearl Harbor with their primitive gun powder bombs!

    We taught them how to fly planes and they sneaked and attacked us from behind!  Now that they know they cannot attack us with military, they plan to attack our men from behind in a whole new way!

    Above you see a Chinese called a Kamikaze Transexual.  They call themselves ‘divine tailwind pilots’ in their tongue and thy love to crash into a good tailwind from the intestinal foul shoot!  They want to stuck their oil dereks in there and sin dock with all mens.

    Look at step 1:  A China Man.  He looks normal for a Chinese.  Angry, sleepy, hair all mussed and eyes bloodshot in drunken anger.  But what is Step 2?

    I mime Chinase.  A lespian actor?  What is the face makeups for?  Let’s go to step 3.


    Just like Bugs Bunny used to put on a dress and trick Elmer Fudd in the old moving cartoons, we see a Chinese man has used his ability to look like a woman to the fullest!  It is usually hard to tell Chinese apart as is and now this makes it no better

    By step 4, that creature will get your sona s he’s in China for a medical mission program, trap him with whiskey and then kamikaze propeller time in the backside!  Look out colon because here comes a Hinai Handmadden to gattling spattle some demon seed in your fleshy catcher’s mit!  How sick is this, friends.

    I know my style may be unorthodox today but my anger is riled.   This is more proof of why we must NUKE China and help God burn the whole nation in hell!  Glory for our nation of peace, America.

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