• Black Cat Uses Demonic Power to Force Innocent Baby to Sleep

    December 17, 2011 1:16 am 46 comments

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    Adam Nelson


    WARNING:  The Following Video Media is Very Uncomfortable.  A black cat is seen looking very demonic and eerily creeping up next to a crying baby, clearly terrified and sensing that it is in danger.  The video contains an act of Satan.  Please immediately pray and then demand all women/children leave the room before viewing.

    In the following video, a demonic spirit again manifests within a cat and does the work of Satan.

    A newborn baby is seen very happy and then immediately begins to cry, sensing the danger of having a black skinned cat in the room with it. 

    While the parents look on and laugh, the cat’s seyes begin to glow with the power of Satan and then a deep growling noise is heard, as the cat waves its paws over the baby’s head.  The cat was performing some sort of Satanic rite, the slow Wiccan styled hand waves slowly setting a Satanic field of energy over the child. 

    Look at how when the cat is done brandishing and waving its paws, the child immediately goes to sleep. 

    This is clear proof that cats are very evil and we must keep them away from children. Cats will try to act clean, cute and innocent when you are alert, but the moment your guard is down their predatory instinct will cause them to do all sorts of things to bring you hard. Secret nose suffocations, defecating in demonic fashion in home corners and urinating Emily Rose style on the Christmas tree skirt. Let us not forget reports of cats attacking owners and trying to single out alone time with children, so they can transfer demon energy and spirits to the most innocent.

    Cats are multiplying. Bob Barker told us to have them spayed or neutered, just like Ronald Reagan warned to do to Mexicans back in the 80s. Not enough people listened so now, we must make every effort to euthanize the beasts and bring safety. If not for ourselves, we must do it for our children. Do not forget the video we shared today and do all in your power to help reduce the rodent population in this country.

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