• Bon Jovi Hoax Reveals Unreliability of Liberal Media, Jon Bon Jovi Dead Rumors

    December 20, 2011 8:04 am 6 comments
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  • The liberal media like MSBNC, HLN, CNN and all those whoremedia type machine channels proved one fact: they tell lies and are unreliable!

    The latest storm of misinformation came from these soothsayers after the Bon Jovi Hoax. I reported on the facts of the case and out of nowhere, loud mouthed harpy mindslaves of liberal tv came and attacked me on Facebook, my local Georgia tv show’s email and even here on ChristWire. People were issuing threats against me for covering the fact that Bon Jovi death was being talked about all over the world.

    Little did these whoremongers know that I was not talking about a physical death, but rather a spiritual death. Demon cat eyes? Singing songs like Hot for Teacher (making female teachers lust for male students) and Stray Cat Strut (a euphamism for petting a woman’s kitty happy sally jessy with your bared hand, which is gross and can lead to infections). Throwing concerts until midnight like a blood moon Wiccan emosexual. All these things have damned Bon Jovi.

    Jon Von Bowie has himself a meth induced Dubstep seizure right on stage. Look at how the drugs make him lose his mind a bellydance like a ukelele genie lamp Arab terror harlot trying to entice. He tries to look normal to the right but homosexuality is causing him to wear a tight emosexual's clothing and that can only mean he likes to play master dangle with men, whcih is what the odd tie symbolizes to other gays like a peacocks spread horney season feathers.

    Concrete minded liberals are not as sophisticated as me and cannot see past this physical plane.  Jon Bon Jovi is dead and until he repents of his sin and becomes a good Christian artist, helping to save souls instead of damning millions to hell, I’m afraid he’s going to sizzle in hell with all the gays, Hitler, Soviets and such.

    My friends, do not be blinded by hate.  It is an ungly thing. 

    I am a recognized newscaster and deserved to be treated with better respect.  My mind works better than many Americans and that’s why I hvae been chosen to be a ward of the court and help judge people as guilty, like the Mexican I instantly saw and condemned when I presided over his trial.  I just knew in my gut when looking at him.

    The enteric nervous system.  Look it up.  Some of us are blessed with a , gut, that works just as powerfully as the traditional head brain.  The gut brain gives men like me common sense and my common sense reveals God’s judgment for Bon Jovi.  Guilty! 


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