• Bryan Stars News: An Aryan Emosexual with a Dark Agenda

    December 19, 2011 6:48 pm 115 comments

    Get a new shirt hippie Just this weekend I became aware of a young man known as Bryan Stars. An angry emo sent me an email on facebooks telling me to learn more about emosexuals there. But since emosexuals can’t spell I was unable to complete a succesful yahoo search on this person. Later a member of the flock pointed out that this same recommended person had posted an article on his webpage about my article on Black Veal Brides. Unfortunately his web site is so ill concieved all that I could see was that he had linked to my article.

    I have had a couple of days to research this filth mouthed deviant and found him to be a rude and crude little emosexual male. Don’t let his clean cut nature fool you. He is pure filth on the inside.

    Today a youtube video that he had posted came into my viewer. The youtube video is a long sinful rant about emosexuals, their defence and their propogation. It was torture to watch this video, as it is a 12 minute sin fest of obscenities and vulgar pictures of emosexuals.

    WARNING: The following video includes content depicting explicit scenes of emosexuality. Christian Parental Descresion is suggested. Please send the unsaved from the room.

    In this video he begins by discussing christian rock star Philip LeBonte of “All That remains” discussing Andy Beersacks sexuality, which I proved was homogay in this article. For someone that informs emosexuals of emosexual news he is very far behind. I wrote about this when it was current and actual news.

    The little pastey faced brat goes on to blabber uncontrollably about other emosexual news. Namely that another band I wrote “Bring Me The Horizon” brutally attacked Christian Anti-Emosexual picketers at one of their concerts. Luckily emosexuals are week and girlish, so the christians defended theirselves and infact injured many of the emosexuals.

    Finally, after trying to tempt young girls into his beedroom,He gets to the heart of the matter. At the 6:44 – 8 minutes he discusses my Pulitzer Prize nominated article “Black Veil Brides: Emo Rock at the Cross Roads of Hell”. This article is one of the most commented on articles in Christwire history. And is a finalist for the “Best Articles On Christian Matters: Online” as voted by “The Society for the Prevention of Emosexuals”.

    So I hope that you will all join me and pray for this young little emosexual sodomites soul, that he may turn from the evils of emosexuality, and use his little bit of internet fame for the good of society and for the purification of the youth of America.

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