• Can a Book Save Africa?

    December 27, 2011 6:20 pm 15 comments
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  • Today Africa stands in shambles. In the north, Muslims have ruined the once prosperous lands of the Nile and Carthage. They are pushing south using terror and rape as weapons of fear instituting sharia law everywhere they touch. In the south of Africa, a once stable land of harmony and western culture has been overthrown by the greedy Bushmen who traded away prosperity for a wasted vote. In the middle is War, in the middle is my home.

    I was born into a prosperous European colony. Western values of capitalism, economics, and religion were taught amongst our land. People traveled to our lands, went on safari for their holidays, enjoyed our beautiful and diverse wildlife. They felt safe in doing so. We were colonies protected and enlightened by western culture and knowledge….. for a time.

    Eventually western governments left us to fend for ourselves. Partly because some of us incorrectly thought we were ready to self-govern, while some of the colonizing countries were forced to pull out to deal with communist threats at home and abroad. Unfortunately this left us vulnerable to ourselves and Muslim influences. Africa has since become a cornucopia of disease and ineptitude. AIDS runs rampant, Muslims freely rape goats, and dictators are overthrown so another tyrant can rule just a cruelly. These are sad times in my homeland. We have been praying for an answer.

    An Answer to Prayer

    Today a path of African salvation may have arrived. The ChrisTwire handbook is now at long last finally available . This book contains many fine examples of morality which can be used to set the soul on a path of righteousness. As opposed to other books that teach family values this one is set against the backdrop of current sin and modern trends so that the youths of today can relate and understand. Current culture is fast paced and dynamic, the chrisTwire Handbook relates to this by covering topics such as Video Games, Sex Acts, Cats, homogays , hipsters and Astronauts.

    How can I use this book to save Africa?

    Morality starts at home in your own back yard. Buy this book for yourself, read it, buy an extra copy to take to work and give to a coworker or leave it in the break room. Give a copy as a late gift. It only costs about $10. Do you have a gift card for a major retailer with not enough left on it to get a video game? Buy this book. This book is available at most fine retailers and online both in print and e-book forms available for instant download. Eventually these books will trickle into Africa as most used western culture does. And this is when things will change. We will be able to rid ourselves of Muslims from our continent and institute more western family values in our ancient continent. Can you afford not to buy this book? You can do so now , there is no reason why not to. If not for yourself, do it for Africa.

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    Ambassador Henry Mwabwetumba of the Ivory Coast Rt. Hon Henry Mwabwetumba is the former ambassador from the Cote D'Ivoire. Since the unpleasantness, he has worked in the D.C Embassy overseeing an ambitious coupon tourism promotion. He found salvation when Christwire mission workers brought fresh water, medicine, and the word to his village. You can friend him on his facebook page, or visit him at the embassy.

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