• Can Big Fed Force Fat People to Diet?

    December 7, 2011 6:42 am 4 comments
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    Fat people are the greatest woe of this great nation.  Every year employers and tax payers must compenstate the gross 51% of Americans who are literally drowning in their own fat.

    In addition to musting up the air with their fatty, sweated oils and larding around, clogging up seat space in even first class, fat people are going to literally be the biggest drain on America’s economy once the biased Supreme Court fails to deny Obamacare’s full reveal next year.

    By the year 2014, every American will be forced to pay a universal healthcare tax.  This tax will provide a required insurance for any person who does not have insurance.  By 2014, it will be illegal for any American to be without health insurance.

    With such hardline and illegal provisions, Obama has made a literal utopia for the greedy.  Fat people can sign up for welfare to get free housing and their favorite things, food.   And now we’re telling the lazy and greedy that hey, don’t work, you’ll still be in good health no matter how many steaks, lobsters, tubs of Paula Deen butter over your pecan pie that you love.  Then hey, why not smoke some cigarette and down some booze too?  It’s all paid for!

    The way capitalism works is with rugged individualism. That is a founding principle of this country.  And there is nothing rugged about a fat, overweight welfare queen popping babies from gapped legs and shoving government food in her mouth with one hand and ordering up more free benefits on her government sponsored laptap with internet with the other.

    Our generation is setting precadent for a lazy society.  Children and adults are becoming lazy and comfortable being mooches, whereas threats like China have a legion of billions of hungry people who are not afraid of hard work and exercise.  The result:  China’s economy is booming while America’s is stalling.

    It is not probable that “Big Gov” can enforce fat laws like we’re seeing done in Europe.  While it is easy to say ‘if you’re making fat faced decisions to be unhealthy, you lose your health insurance’, no politician will actually come out and say it.  They are far too chicken.  And we all know that the favorite food of fat Obamacare recipients is a greased piece of chicken, if you get my drift.




    Let’s face it.  There is no way to litigate the unhealthy choices people make in their own homes.

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