• CAUGHT: Justin Bieber Gropes Selena Gomez’ Gluteals

    December 12, 2011 4:06 am 10 comments

    Live action!

    Naughty boy: Justin Bieber copped a quick feel of girlfriend Selena Gomez's butt during a trip to Washington yesterday

    I could only wish this were the 1800s and I were the parent of either one, because after seeing this nonsense I would pull out my leather belt and whoop them until the spirit of homosexual fornication fell out of them.

    Why is Justin Bieber groping Selena Gomez?  I thought they were supposed to be about Disney Christmas and sunshine rainbow happiness and not yearning for a late night colon whisper.


    Take a cold shower: The loved up pair seem to be greeting fans when the pint-sized pop star grabbed Selena's butt

    It is things like this that lets you know what happen in Obama’s America.  The Bieber/Gomez faction was in Washington DC after contributing to an earthquake that hit Mexico yesterday.  Now just watch the headlines today, some sort of horrible weather or mighty earthquake will shimmy the capital and you knows whose tickle fingers are responsible for making God so upset.

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