• Cheetah From Tarzan Madness! Mom’s Hold Milksack “Nurse-in” At Targets to Boycott ChristWire Handbook

    December 28, 2011 9:40 pm 1 comment
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  • The feminist milkmaidens of immorality have declared war on America! As many of you know, ChristWire’s epic The ChristWire Handbook has released in stores nationwide and milkslapping feminists are up in arms, boycotting the release of holy morality for this fallen nation!

    Marcy Schultz, founder of the radical leftwing feminist group MWRTB (Mother’s With Rights to Bre*stsfeed) started the movement after she got an eyeful of our extensive coverage of how modern day feminists are typical double standard liberals.

    These new feminists cry foul all the time and tell us to treat them like men, then go around flapping their flappies all in our eyes at the work place to distract us and get us in trouble, then adding up a heaping helping of nanny nipple surprise on the park bench!

    You can read the full story about this dangle harpies here, but Bryan Blake and Mike Watson received a rude awakening during their Chicago Area Lecture/Book Tour this week when they met immoral feminist mothers who exposed to them their bared hooha shame sloshes!  I could only wish I was there to tell them the milk is sour and put it away Jezebel!

    This type of open fleshed display is primitive cheetah from Tarzan madness!  What’s next, jungle list raver loincloths playing whoopsie daisies in the loo!  Feminists are the ruin of this society and this is just more proof.

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