• Chinese Create World’s “Largest Sucking Insect” As New Homosexual Pets

    December 3, 2011 12:16 am 11 comments
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    It’s a well known fact that gays daydream about blowholes and rod like objects once every 30 seconds as they sit filing their nails, as their little easy secretary and nursing jobs, so the new GE (genetic engineer) creature that the Chinese have made will surely be a top item on every gay’s Christmas list this year.

    Now take a good look at that image and know that when this ‘novelty’ pet hits the stores in the US, it will be just like dousing a heated kitten with catnip.  Gays will mew, hiss and stomp in delight, arching their backs in anticipation of what this ‘secret pet’ can do to them behind closed doors.


    The Chinese call this abomination the Giant Weta.  It is a cloned hybrid injected with human growth hormone.  The animal does not have any teeth, but rather a ‘soft and moist’ gum area that it uses to suckle anything put into its mouth, be it syrup or an object shaped like a carrot with two almonds attached!  You know what I’m talking about.

    This bug is apparently heavier than three mice and bigger than most game birds.  The wingspan is 7 inches long each, making you think the Chinese actually may have created these little hellspawn death gliders as an instrument of terror or war.

    I wish it were still 1940s, because I would gladly ring up good President Truman and tell him there was one more NUKE MISSION that need to be carried out.  Target:  Beijing!

    Beijing must stand for ‘Satan’s little town on Earth’ because every one of the dragon worshipping, squinted with evil eyes residents there do nothing but haunt my dreams and create gay pleasing items like this sick abomination!  Why are we still allowing lesser nations to do genetic manipulation?

    What if these creature gets out of a gay’s home and mates in the wild!  It’ll be plague and famine in our nation!  Farms ravaged as this mouth sucklking homo pleaser masticates on corn on the cob and gives wheat stalks the business.

    Already, gays in Australia have been buying this in their circuit there and the gays in the US have long been looking to replace their chihuahuas and chinchillas with something even more flamboyant!  The creature is bigger than a human’s hand in its larval form to the right.  That is just not right for a insect animal to be that big.

    We must continue to protest all Chinese science.  Just like Iran, the Chinese have no right to create animals such as this without American permission.

    Only a fool would tell China they have the right to have much technology, lest we suffer the horrors of Pearl Harbor yet again.

    If a suspiciously gay person happens to seem very happy this Holiday Season and is putting a little bit too much hum in their usual “Bah, Humbug!” when you mention the word CHRISTmas, tell them they are a Jimminy Cricket defililing leg harp pervert and you will laugh when they burn in hell!

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