• Chinese Scientists Create Shark Woman Mermaid (real picture evidence)

    December 9, 2011 6:01 pm 96 comments

    Satan has used his power and helped the Chinese evolve this poor woman into a shark mermaid. The Bible warns of evil sea creatures in the end time and this creature fits the bill.

    Well, it looks like grand master mix Satan is mixing the turbines of hell again and helping our enemies meld the greatest genetic abominations!

    I never thought I’d see anything more terrifying than the real life unicorn women! Satan melded the DNA abomination right on that women’s forhead in an effort to defy God and natural order.

    Looking at the specimen above, you can see that the face is of a rare Chinese woman.  In China they want most of their resources to go to men, so Chinese parents usually abort the fetus if they know it is going to be a future Hanio handmaiden.  But every once in a while, one slips the womb and they are usually slated to bear Duggar levels of children or at least be used in science, as has happened to this poor woman here.

    You can see that somehow they have injected a shark’s genome into this woman and the fins and gill slits are the dead giveaway.  What scares me is that it has gill and Chinese President Hu Jintao has called for the Chinese navy to become more powerful.  Could this be the future of Chinese naval armies, shark people?

    Think about it.  What would be more terrifying than 1 billion slint eyed humsharks invading the West Coast as they wanted to do 70 years ago on the Day of Infamy?  You would think they could all be shot dead but you can see they give this one milk sacs and judging by how rounded and ideal they are, they must have somehow stolen the DNA from a nice Swiss woman to create this monster.

    I consider myself a good Republican man and only look out for the best interest of my country and fellow humans, but there must be a point in time when we say enough is enough.  Sure, we can never stop pervert atheists from tinkering with genes.  They have litigated the right to alter the DNA of life, not knowing what they have created and it is no coincidence that Watson and Crick discovered DNA only a short time before AIDS plagued humanity.  AIDS is what happens when you try to play intercellular GOD!

    But the Chinese are more dangerous than a genetically mutated god on a cell destroying rampage.  They will use their knowledge for evil, just like their dragon lord orders them to do.  For this reason I motion that we nuke Beijing.  We cannot risk having more of the genetic shark women floating around in our waters.  We cannot tolerate the horrors that would bring unto us, my dear friends.  Let us end this species before it tries to get over here to eat our women, force our men to mate with it and do unimaginable things to our American children.


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