• Christian High School Students Oppressed for Tebowing

    December 16, 2011 2:37 pm 9 comments
    Students at Riverhead HS

    Christian students who were thrown to the gulags of detention by radical liberal atheist school administration who disrespect America's Constitution and its Christian Heritage.

    Christians have once again been oppressed for practicing their first amendment rights.  What’s sad this time is that children are the victims of a liberal atheist education system.

    Several high school students decided to engage in Tebowing, that is, the act of saying a prayer before a big game or event.  As can be seen by virtue of legendary quarterback Tim Tebow’s faith, when he prays he is able to provide his fans a thrilling game and usually comes out victorious.

    What high school student would not be inspired by such a lesson?  Tim Tebow’s faith goes beyond a matter of simple religion or trying to garner victories.  It goes into the much needed discussion on personal rights and expression.

    Tim Tebow engages in prayer because he believes what he is doing is right.  Just like Martin Luther King, Jr., believed that he had a right to sit at an ‘all white’ lunch counter, to stand in peaceful protest at a usually busy intersection or stand strongly in the halls of a school, Christians today need to be more assertive in the face of bigoted oppression.

    Liberals will argue that the kids who engaged in Tebowing were infringing on other’s rights to not be religious.  They will make fake excuses and state that Tebow is offensive and should not be allowed to set a positive example for children.  Yet, if these were neon-headed, same-gender butt slapping kids in Black Veiled dresses praising Dennis Rodman and stating they were standing up for gay marriage, they would be uplifted as heroes.  Why are Christians being oppressed in America.

    There should be more Tebowing in the nation’s schools.  Just like Martin Luther King, Jr., stood up for his rights in the face of a bigoted adversary, so today must Christian and conservatives.  This war has been taken to our children and cannot be allowed to continue.

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