• Danilo Gallinari Misses a Layup, Proves Italians Have no Place in the NBA

    December 31, 2011 11:54 pm 58 comments
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  • Ever since the legendary Bob Cousey dominated the NBA, one thing is clear.  Proper caucasians have a natural knack for the sport that other races of people tend not to have.  Be it with blistery amazing passes, or unprecedented accuracy at the free thrown line, men like Larry Joe Bird, Bob Petit, Pistol Pete and Chris Mullen have shown that they have inherited the gifts first set in place by Dr. James Naismith to be dominant.

    But how many times have we seen a Mexican NBA player?  The only one I’ve ever heard of his Eduardo Najara and I am very suspicious that he may have had some Mayan or Aztec juices helping his game.  How about Japanese?  And before you say Xing Hiacha, that was actually a women and a Chinese!  I know it’s hard to tell the difference but that’s just because you are a racist.

    But even below all of these people, there are just one that do not have a knack for bball.  Italians.  Watch an episode of Jersey Shore and you will see that Italians like to eat fatty foods, get drunk at clubs and not have the discipline it takes to be a hearty NBA superstar.

    Now there will be Italians out there who name some random people with a lick of Italian ancestry and try to claim it proves that Caucasians, followed by the Afros are not the greatest ball players based on statistics and general observation, but let this video prove the point.  This is how science works.

    Here we see an Italian named Danilo Gallinari is for some reason being allowed in the NBA, which stands for National Basketball Association.  The word national means “America” and though we beat Italy down to our will during World War II, we never took over the country and had mercy on the poor Marios and let them keep the land.

    Gallinari tries to make a layup to win a game, but fails.  The Lakers are not even that good this year, being the underdogs against the likes of the Clippers.  Yet we see Gallianari does not have the Cousey like poise and confidence it takes to nail a thrilling layup at the end of a game, to send the crowd wild.  There are second grade girls at elementary schools who can hit this shot 20 times in a row in a game of horse.  I’m being their last name is not Pastrami!

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