• Doctor Who Returns in Time to Ruin Christmas for Our White, Christian Children

    December 24, 2011 9:07 pm 95 comments

    It is no secret that England is a land of heathen, homogays who want nothing more than to take over America and rape our children. They have proved it time and again by begging us for help and in return giving back filthy, Ugly Whorelots. I would think that England, as the 51st State of America, would rejoice in the blessings we have bestowed on them and learn to follow our lead, but instead they have unleashed more pornographic filth upon our good, whit Christian children’s minds. This filth is a children’s show known as “Doctor Who”.

    I recently reported on this horrifying new Children’s show, and you can read about it here. This new show has become more pornographic over the few years that it has aired, mainly due to the awful and unskilled writing of Stephan Moffat and Russell T. Davies. Couple that with the BBC’s lack of proper management and Anarchist World views, and you have a melting pot of pure horse excrement.

    I received a copy of the newest episode of “Doctor Who”, which will air on Jesus’ birthday. After reviewing almost 7 minutes of this filth and vomiting in my mouth a few times, I had to turn it off, but I can sum it up for you and will even give you a sneak peek before it airs tomorrow( the BBC prohibits me from sharing video clips not previously released, but who cares about some fly-by-night TV station in the middle of nowhere).

    The episode is called “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe”, an obvious play on the Satanic tomes of C.S. Tolkien. In this episode, Doctor Who returns to Earth on Christmas Day, which is apparently his favorite day, because he gets to convince children that he is Santa and has them sit on his “yule log”. He is re-united with his last companion, Amy Pond who is the sluttiest companion yet (as evidenced below)

    Doctor Who, Amy Pond and her death-prone husband Rory commit the crime of “Home Invasion” and take over a castle in the middle of World War 2. They then bring unsuspecting children and helpless old women into the castle for Doctor Who to ravage with his “Sonic Screwdriver”. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he puts a giant blue box-type present in the Living Room and tells the kids not to touch it (knowing full well that they will). This blue box transports these children and one Alzheimer’s patient to a Winter Wonderland where a Tree-Person tries to help them escape from Doctor Who’s nefarious backside prodding and twaddle dallying, but Doctor Who finds them and chops down the tree-man and proceeds to ravage the young children and old lady in the most graphic sex scene since Twilight. The BBC says that this is teaching kids good morals and also about Sex Ed, but I just call it pornography.

    Here is the cleanest portion of the advanced screening that I can share with you, however, this is still quite filthy, so ask all Women, Children and homosexuals to leave the room before viewing (Blacks may stay because they won’t understand it and love bright flashy things):

    In conclusion, Parents should lock their cable or Direct TV boxes in the attic on Christmas Day (In case your kids have guessed the code on your parental block), and take your children to Church instead. I will be petitioning the Government to put strict rules on our new State of England’s broadcasting and hope to get this show banned.

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