• Drugs, Debauchary, and Damnation: An Inside Look at Portland’s Stripper Awards

    December 7, 2011 12:19 am 11 comments

    A few months ago, I went deep undercover in Portland, Oregon’s Sex Industry as a Strip Club DJ to expose the truth behind these scandalous places. You can read about that here:

    Last Night, I was invited to the 2nd Annual PDX Strippies, an awards show for Portland’s sex industry workers. The following is what I witnessed there, including some video I obtained with a hidden camera.

    I arrived at an unmarked building in a shady part of town. At first I thought somebody had found out that I was an undercover Reporter for Christwire and they were gonna jump me, but then I saw some strippers that I knew walking into the building, so I took my chances and entered.

    I was instantly assaulted with bad EDM Dubbedstep Black Metal music, the kind you would hear at a Blood on the Dance Floor or Cake concert. After my eyes adjusted to the almost pitch black venue, I could make out shapes of people doing what I assumed was some new sort of dance. A few moments later, I realized that these people were involved in some drug induced orgy of anal drug taking and fecal frenzy. While I was disgusted, I had a job to do and report on the horrors of this event, so I went to the Main Room where the awards were to be given out.

    In this main room, I was again aurally attacked by that horrible music. Luckily, I had brought my BOSE White Noise Headphones with me, so I put those on. I know many of you will say, “if you can’t hear anything, how do you know what awards are given out?”, well to that I answer, I am a gifted lip reader.

    The event was hosted by a 3′ 6″ tall midget named Nik Sin. There are two reasons this is horrifying: 1) Nik Sin invokes the name of one of our Great Presidents Richard Nixon and 2) I explained here:

    His co-host is a Stripper from L.A. aka The land of Milk Sacs and Honey Pots, her name was Hesitate, which is a warning that good Christian Men should hesitate to get near her or she won’t hesitate to castrate you.

    The DJ for the event is an obvious child molester based on his name alone, Statutory Ray. He was mixing the EDM, Dubbedstep Black Metal music like Rebecca Black and Mary Manson. He owns a record company called One Hour Pharmacy, which is obviously a front for selling LSD laced ecstasy droplets dipped in heroin or bath salts. You can hear some of the “Music” he was playing on this website page:

    Below is a video of one of the contestants at this show performing. I took this using the hidden camera I snuck in. You can tell she has obviously injected too much marijuana before her performance:



    At one point in the show, a stripper named Grody Brodie, an obvious rip off of the Garbage pail kid name Grody Jody, came to the stage dressed as the Mormon Porno superhero named Orgazmo with another stripper dressed as his sidekick named Choda Boy who has plastic sin sticks as weapons. The fact that they are using Mormonism in this show is bad enough, but then having to women dress as male superheros just promotes Transgender activities and promotes the homogay agenda. Disgusting.

    The following are some of the awards that were given out in between the anal drug taking and Twlight-esque Blood orgies. I will not add the more gruesome ones, and will try to use Christian Friendly words in place of some of the more vulgar ones:

    Prettiest Separator Flap

    Most Beautiful Moist Camel Hump

    Largest Flesh Sword Swallower

    Best use of Anal Beads on Stage

    Farthest Female Ejaculation (this one confused me, because I didn’t realize women could orgasm, let alone ejaculate)

    Farthest male Ejaculation

    Most bleached Sewer Hole

    and many more…

    This event was used to raise money for http://www.swaay.org/and for Planned Parenthood, both of which kill billions of children a day just for fun and believe in giving women a choice in the matter.
    You can see on their website that even they are embarrassed about some of the awards they gave out, as they left them of the Official “Winners” list. Here is that website: http://pdxstrippies.com/

    In Conclusion, The event must be stopped, as the repercussions can be felt all across America and thus The World. Call your Congressman and tell them to end this show.

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    Bruce Myron Danus Years of Mental Gymnastics, and lots of love from Jesus has made this man realize he was not "Born this Way", but instead chose to be a Homogay until he met God and realized God doesn't make mistakes like a homogay.

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