• Ed Miliband Declares David Cameron’s Kiss with Barack Obama Brings ‘Depression Era Despair’

    December 29, 2011 2:46 am 2 comments
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    Frank Meyer

    barack obama and david cameron kissing 22036 1306513015 8 Barack Obama and David Cameron Kissing with Tongues

    The shocking moment when David Cameron was caught giving Barack Obama more than a pecking kiss on the lips.   Is this the moment that solidified the new Great Depression of the modern age?

    At least one politician in the United Kingdom has his head on straight.  In a planned statement, Britain Ed Miliband plans to declare David Cameron responsible for the Depression Era Despair that is reaching throughout the Western world.

    For nearly 6,000 years, Western governments have dominated the course of Earth’s history.  From the time Rome finalized realized that false gods like Zeus and Horace were preposterous, childish musings and realized that the Christian’s God was the real deal, then simutaneously embraced Christian concepts such as democracy, proper marriage, sewage systems, travel, commerce, roads, charity and church, up until the greatest world government of all time — America — we have guided ourselves and all the lesser countries into a rich future for humanity.

    But somewhere in the midst of all of our accomplishments and enforcing of world peace, a spirit of despair has yoked even that of America.  How can we lead humanity if we are thrown into a case of severe doldrums, a gray mood not seen since the time of the 1930s?

    The answer is that we cannot. We are ashamed of ourselves.  How can we stand proud when the leader of the Western world, The United States President, is seen kissing that of our chief lieutenant nation, the United Kingdom?  What sort of message does this send to our kids?  Is the nuclear family a sham and a joke?  Is Western society truly the beacon of morality?

    If we allow society where the most visible of men are allowed to embrace each other like sorority aged women, the answer is no.  We’re like a dean shamed by his student’s shenanigans reaching national news, and sadly, the court of public opinion we must report to is that of Heaven.

    David Cameron and Barack Obama have ushered in an era of poverty and broken spirits for humanity.  Is it too late for us to recover?  On the 2012 elections in America hold the answer.  If America fails, so will the UK and every other nation.  And without the leadership of Western nations, the world will fast fall back into another Christianless, visionless, and morally inept Dark Age of plague, torture and despair.

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