• Etobicoke Snow Removal Services Cursed With Broken Machines?

    December 15, 2011 6:53 am 1 comment
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  • Etobicoke, Canada - Etobicoke snow removal services in Canada are suffering the wrath of God, after former Canadian Prime Minister Critien dared suggest that Canada would nationalize abortion and gay marriage if liberals took office.

    The former prime minister made his threat to God from his log cabin in Etobicoke, a rumored 'quaint get-away' in the northern portions of Toronto.

    At approximately 4:43 am Canadian weather services picked up unprecedented winter fury beyond that the snowbound nation usually receives this time a year.

    Winds blustered at over 234 kilomoters per hour (about 300 miles per hour) and reportedly wiped out several neighborhoods, communication towers and the snow removal services that are so popular to the Canadians stuck in the backwoods, 3rd world towns.

    This snowstorm was just a small show of God's power.  If he wanted, he could have flicked every Canadian to the coldest valley in Pluto then thawed their pathetic carcasses out in the blistery fires of hell where every person who believes in gay marriage, abortion and has not apologized for attacking the White House in 1812 belongs.

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