• Etta James Dead? No, But She Is Terminally Ill

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  • Without a doubt one of the greatest and most influential blues singers of all time, Etta James has soothed, thrilled, relaxed and enthralled the hearts of millions with the glorious, soulful sounds that have come from her mouth.

    Many have asked is Etta James dead after questions about her health began to surface earlier in the week.  Fortunately, we have this great, legendary singer with us a bit longer, but her prognosis is not good.

    Etta James is terminally ill.  For some time the “At Last” singer has been suffering from chronic leukemia.  Dr. Elaine James, the unrelated personal physician for Etta, has asked fans to say prayers.

    “I am Southern and Christian and would just ask for the prayers of her fans and friends,” said Dr. James.

    Dr. Elaine James well knows what faces the 73-year-old Etta.  In 2001, Elaine was hired to care for Etta when she began to show signs of significant health decrease.  As of right now, in addition to chronic leukemia Etta is also suffering from marked dementia and kidney failure.

    “They know she’s been sick, but now how sick,” Dr. James stated in reference to friends, family and fans who regularly read up on the progress of Etta’s health.

    Some people speculate and question if Etta’s past addiction to drugs such as heroin in the 60s and 70s may have contributed to her current state of health.  All speculation into such things is relatively asinine and have no bearing on what she needs most right now:  a caring physician, which she has, and love from a public she poured her heart to over the years.

    Needless to say, Etta James will always live on as one of the greatest musicians of all time.  She has received numerous awards for her talent and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.  Etta is also a member of the Blues Hall of Fame and the Grammy Hall of Fame.    Etta James’ music also lives on through her son’s band, the Etta James Experience.  Ms. James is currently ranked Number 22 on the All Time Greatest Musicians list in Rolling Stone.

    Enjoy one of her masterpieces:

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