• Evil Dictator Kim Jong Il Dead, His Illegitimate Daughter Lil Kim is New North Korean President

    December 19, 2011 3:54 pm 2 comments

    My eyes are blinded by sin and before media tries to gussy up this scallop to look holy, I wanted you to see what she is all about.  No warnings!  Just plain sin and this is the future of North Korea.

    As you know by now, evil dictator Kim Jong Il is Kim Jong Dead.  I’ve prayed decades for this moment and now that it is here, my victory is short lived.  I was looking at my Twitters and wondering why all the black’s kept making all this fuss about “Lil Kim” and her dead baby daddy.

    I thought maybe they just did not get taught about world politics at their little Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd high schools or some such, but now I see.  Kim Jong Il like to play himself the jungle list.  He liked to ‘frequent the mother land’ if you get my drift and it looks like he has a Kenyan seedroot as a daughter.

    There was another boy named Kim Jong Un who was going to take power, but apparently the North Koreans like bossy black women in charge instead.  I just came across this picture and have to ask now if North Korea is going to become another Atlanta metro full of welfare mothers, snapped necks and Sha nay nay hairstyles because if you look at that first image, you can tell what her policy is all about.  At least we still don’t have to worry about North Korea getting nukes anymore.

    She probably thinks “Nukes” is a new way to conk your hair kinkies!  Whorelot!


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