• Fallout New Vegas: A game of homogayness and sin!

    December 17, 2011 8:06 pm 101 comments

    Hello my good christian friends on Christwire. My name is Alexander Shea, Unlike the sinners on this site, I use my real name because I have no shame to hide. I do not use my real picture because I do not want my face to be used by them in weird ways.

    I have been a reader for some time now, just too shy to comment, ecspecially when so many sinful people comment as well. I use to be a sinner, walking different from the path of God by playing these sinful video games. I almost fell into a life of homogayness and drugs because of them. Through his divine hand, I found my way back to him and immediatly distroyed my video games, not wanting anyone else to fall to their sinful trap. I was inspired by Brother Bowers outstanding review of SkyRim and felt I should help spread the truth about these games.

    While Fallot: New Vegas has been out for awhile now, it is just as sinful if not moreso than SkyRim. Because of this game I have found myself passed out in alleyways surrounded by assorted men I did not know.

    It is made by Blizzard, the same company that made SkyRim, and is so graphic that every picture I could find to help further my point was too much to put on this holy site. The game takes place in America after it was nuked by the Chinese! It shows their communist ties by depicted America as a radioactive wasteland! You don’t even get to take revenge for America as you don’t get to fight any of the Chinese, just other Americans!

    The game starts off with your character in a graveyard surrounded by men in weird leather outfits, having just finished a night of homosex and necrophilia. Then the leader of the group shoots you in the head because he wants your corpse for his own sick pleasure. You wake up, having survived the gunshot somehow, in a small town and the game continues from there.

    Throughout the game, you are shown ridiculous amounts of blood and dismemberment, full male nudity, uncensored gay sex, and explicit drug use. The goal of the game is to travel the wasteland, gathering up as many sinners as you can, and making your way to the sin hole that is Las Vegas to take part in massive gay orgies and drug parties. It dosen’t stop there either, Blizzard also released 4 expansions along with it that just make things even more sick and twisted. Dead Money has you killing people to get as many corpses for you and your necrophilia buddies to defile. Old World lues actually has scenes of horrible sex with robots. Lonesome Road is all about the sin of masturbation.Lastly, Honest Hearts has you traveling the Grand Canyon, raping everything you can find.

    If you should find your child with this game, destroy it immediatly and hurry to bring them back to the side of god before its too late.

    I apoligize if my review gives you horrifying images in your head, but I knew I must expose Blizzard and their game for the demons they are.

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