• Florence + the Machine: Promoting Lesbianism and Spinsterism

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    Florence + the Machine: Promoting Lesbianism and Spinsterism
    -Chuck D. Finley

    In the 90′s the Liberal Lesbian Liberation WoMEN’s movement realized that they had converted all of the hippie girls they could to their way of thinking and realized they needed a new tactic to target newer young women. They realized that they could bring more young girls to their clam dabbling socialist sessions by promoting music to their masses. They enlisted pop music singer Sarah Machlaghlin to start the Lilith Fair.

    It was named after the Jewish Witch that ate children. The Jews made up this myth to confuse Christians from believing in Jesus. As the old Jew wives tale goes. Lilith was the so called first wife of Adam, and God’s first attempt at making a woman. She turned out to be a naggy slut and Adam was so displease with her lippiness that he got God to kick her out and make a new wife for him, this second wive Eve was marginally successful but still doomed mankind to a life of sin and eventual damnation. This Lilith had to roam the land and came to eat the children of Man.

    And this vile harpies of a woman is who the womens movement decided to pin their hopes to. Unfortunately it worked. The almost entire female population of Generation X, decided to slash off their hair and pick up a guitar and start whining about their feelings. Instantly birthrates in the country dropped as women thought they could do better. Men disgusted by the dirty hippie sluts of their age turned to video games. now the children that we have to day are the little emosexual children that come here and post disgusting little tirades about their favorite emo rockers that dress like women and scream like demons.

    Enter a lanky flat chested English musician named Florence Welch, who has hair the color of the devils flesh. She sings like a siren drawing men to their deaths and women to a life of bare back scissoring. no woman can listen to this reincarnation of the devil Lilith and dream of marrying a man and carrying his child. Any woman that hears this wretched music wants to bury her head into Florence’s lap and earn a badge of satanic red wings.

    It is bad enough when they keep this kind of filth in their own country but now just as Susan Xenu has warned us the English are importing this sin across the world. Last Month Florence and her band “The Machine” as she calls them, released their second album. It entered at number 1 in the UK and Irish charts, and reached the top 10 in the United States.

    I took a copy of the album away from a teen girl on one of my church trips last week and gave it a listen. I was disgusted by the sounds of sin that I heard emanating from it. All of the songs were evil and vile but a few stood out to me ans even more sinful than the rest.

    The most disturbing is the song “Seven Devils”. In it she admits to being a nefarious under worldly beast from hell. She taunts Christians and the church of Christ.

    Holy water cannot help you now
    A thousand armies couldn’t keep me out
    I don’t want your money
    I don’t want your crowd
    See I have to burn
    Your kingdom down

    They can keep me alive
    ‘Til I tear the walls
    ‘Til I slave your hearts
    And they take your souls
    And what have we done?
    Can it be undone?
    In the evil’s heart
    In the evil’s soul

    Tell me that isn’t pure evil screaming at you right in your face!

    In the song “What the water gave me” the devil woman sings about mocking Jesus Christ and the act of baptism that saves all sinners and cleanses us of the original sin and prepares us for a live of being a christian. If that isn’t bad enough she talks about her lover the pagan roman god Atlas having his way with her in the baptismal waters!

    And oh poor Atlas
    The world’s a beast of a burden
    You’ve been holding on a long time
    And all this longing
    And the ships are left to rust
    That’s what the water gave us

    So lay me down
    Let the only sound
    Be the overflow
    Pockets full of stones

    Lay me down
    Let the only sound
    Be the overflow

    Of course the mocking of our lord and savior isn’t over. In the song “Bedroom Hymns” she talks about building a pagan alter to be ravished on in the name of our lord in savior! What a jezabel! What a whore of Babylon!

    This is as good a place to fall as any
    We’ll build our altar here
    Make me your Maria
    I’m already on my knees

    You had Jesus on your breath
    And I caught Him in mine
    Sweating out confessions
    The undone and the divine

    This is his body, this is his love
    Such selfish prayers and I can’t enough, oh

    Yeah, I can’t get enough

    Spilt bitter tears, I did this for you
    Spilling over the aisle, the black and the blue
    The sweetest submission, drinking you in
    The wine and the women, the bedroom hymns

    LORD HAVE MERCY! FORGIVE OUR TRESSPASSES AND WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESSPASS AGAINST US! BUT OH LORD. This devil woman is taxing my nerves! Why lord do you so entreat such an evil woman to exist?!?!

    There is yet one more song from this new sinful album, so sinful that it mocks the lord in it;s title “ceremonials”, this last song is called “Only if for a night”. By they title you can already tell it is gonna be a doosie! In it she talks about a lesbian tryst with her gay woman lover. As usual I must ask any women children or the unsaved to leave the room for you read any further.

    she was there all pink and gold and glittering
    I threw my arms around her legs
    Came to weeping, Came to weeping…
    It was all so strange,
    And so surreal,
    That a ghost should be so practical…
    And my body was loosened,
    I was set alight,
    But you came over me like some holy light,
    And although I was burning,
    You’re the only light
    Only if for a night

    What in Gods name is this slut trying to tell our impressionable young women? That it is Okay to be a lesbian whore? That it is okay to clam dabble? That sticking your tongue in the holiest of a woman’s holies is a perfectly fine thing to do? How many more generations of women do we have to turn into Jeanine Garafalos? How many more young women have to be lost to a life of sin and being unmarried? Do what is right and keep this filth from your young girls.


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