• France: A Nation of Pathos and Effeminate Doom

    December 26, 2011 4:42 pm 44 comments

    You may have seen the liberal elite bragging about their trips to Versy or Parie, or talking about their exotic bagets and crossonts. These are the liberals with PhDs in “literature” or electric cars, the liberals who wear wool hats and sip Starbucks while they read Kafka. They will try to talk to you about Salvador Daly or Arrested Development while they flaunt their veganism. These are the American versions of Frenchies, and the real ones are ever more horrifying. Both the American pseudo-Frenchies and the real ones are overwhelmingly homosexual, and they are out to get us.

    Above is the demographics of sexuality among the French. As you can see, over two thirds of the population is a homogay, trying to lure you into playing backyard baguette bandit. The other major population in France is the whorelots, the women traversing everywhere in their lace lingerie and sky-high platform heels. These are the women flaunting their limp bodies in Playboy for the elderly perverts of the world, the women displaying their sin treats on the fashion runway and within the homosexual propaganda fashion magazines. Only 11 percent is Heterosexual, typically the pursuers of the whorelots or the few Reverends left in the hopeless nation.

    French food is notoriously phallic. Everything is shaped like a sinwand in that country of nude heathens. It’s absolutely disgusting. When these liberals come to France, they are tempted by the long and slender penile objects they are placing in their mouth and the next thing they know, they are participating in a deranged orgy in the Louvre. When they return to America, they lure everyone else into their sodomite lifestyle, ruining the Christian America one orgy at a time. After all, why do you think our embarrassingly effeminate hat, Canada, is that way? Canada was founded by the Frenchies, and the lifestyle persisted with their fur capes of gaudiness and their language of sodomy.

    France has a terrifying history. Look no further than the scariest and most dangerous era of all time, the 20s. France in the 1920s was experiencing a huge influx in their homosexual epidemic, because American homosexuals were fleeing to the land to have exotic coitus with a painter or a photographer with no knowledge of the Great American language. It was a vile lifestyle, a lifestyle of hatred and fear for True American Lifestyles.You had American homosexuals such as Cole Porter, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fritzgerald, Picasso, Man Ray among other less famous pursuers of bladder tickling or clam dabbling by the gigolos roming the clubs and streets, waiting for naive artistes looking for sin to excite their lives, unaware of the horrors awaiting.

    In 1800, a terrifyingly growth-stunted dictator named Napoleon conquered France. Napoleon was a homosexual, his slender body adorned in furs and fastidiously groomed jackets of the typical homosexual artistic finesse. He sindocked his way to the top, destroying any remnant of Heterosexuality possibly alive in the Frenchies, whom he now had sinister control over. Napoleon was their Stan, ruling over a fiery, limp-wristed dynasty of sexual favors for the sinfaeries in charge. This was how France got it’s homosexual start, and ever since, the Frenchies have been dressing like Dear Leader Napoleon and paying their tribute to him in their homsexuality, in exchange for their souls.

    The two pictures above are images of the typical Frenchies you’ll encounter. You have the effeminate ones with their sex slaves, and the performance driven, minimalist, Gary Numan-inspired Frenchies, the Frenchies who’d rather be silent while you penetrate them as they let their body do the talking. It truly is terrifying, which is why I advise all of you to stay out. And if you see anyone dressed as any of the above Frenchies, run and hide. They want your backside, and will go to any extent to brainwash you into a lifestyle of sodomy, self-hatred and evil beyond your wildest dreams. The French are a menacing people, a people of monstrous means and mind control, a people driven by everything bad in life. Honor your Heterosexuality, and treasure it. Any possible French threats to it could take over if you have any less than Complete Faith in Jesus.

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