• God Sends HUGE Great White Shark To Haunt Polar Bear Plunge Gays in New York Harbor (Video)

    December 2, 2011 6:15 am 9 comments
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  • Behold, sodomites!  For God has sent a great fish to again rid the world of sinners and phallic intestinal dwellers!

    For it is written:

    Jonah 1:17Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.

    There is nothing God hates more than the smell of fecal sins, so it looks like he has created a giant benthic fish to clean the bare bottom dwelling worm waggling delight scum off the face of the Earth!

    For you sinful atheist colon friendly homoenablers who don’t know your Bible, let me refresh your mind with the story of Jonah.  After God struck down the ancient Sodomy Megalopoli of Sodom and Gomorrah, there were still fools who dared defy his ordaination!

    Men still found olive oils and lubed up their sin rods, playing diviner of the pied piper devilhole with another and trying to pretend it is a normal choice for a man to make!  They played with each other’s devil snakes and yipped with glee when liquid DNA shot from one another!

    Men injecting each other with the sauce of life!  How do you not think such things would make God so angry, he would think of a creative way to torture you all!  That’s where today’s story starts off, when God has once again sent a Jonah caliber great white shark to torture the gay marriage fans in New York City!

    Just like New York, the ancient city of Ninevah supported gay marriage!  Never heard of it?  That just proves my point!  The gay city was wiped clean off the map and is only mentioned for a lesson against gays in the Bible!

    The destruction of Ninevah all started with a giant shark.  God told Jonah to go unto the lands and warn them, that whosoever shall have phallic fantasies with another man shall find their worst nightmares realized in Hell!  And Jonah at first refuse, so God took his great power, blew the power of life into the ocean and created a GIANT SHARK to eat Jonah but not digest him!

    After seeing the power of God, Jonah went to the city and told them to stop sinning or burn in hell.  They presumably mostly failed, just like New York, and were wiped out!  Great floods!  Great torments of nature!  All the gays washed into the ocean, where God still had that great shark waiting and trust me my friends, it was hungry and angry!

    This time, God let the homobait be digested and they were wiped out.

    Today, we see again God is using a giant shark to feast upon the flesh of gays and make them terrified!

    To the left, you see the very shark the spooked the waters on December 1st, when gays in the Sodomy Megalopolis of New York take their annual Polar Bear plunge.

    Gays love to come up with ‘pet names’ for one another, and a ‘polar bear’ gay is one who is fat, old and has white hair!  They usually like to drink the juice of “Coca Cola” gays, making a play off the commericial and referring to gays who sell their bodies for crack money, or as we say in statistics, 86% of the gay population!

    What else but a diseased, drug ravaged psycho would choose to lay in bed with another man?  But today, God is not playing the game of psychological counselor!  He set that great shark in the harbor and it’s reported that over 1 dozen gays are now missing!  Glory!

    Officials will try to claim that this is all just the work of cold water and bad reports!  But we all know the truth!  It is no coincidence that when this giant shark appeared off the New York coast, that on the West Coast great winds shut down power, blew over trees and left the homosexual city of Hollywood cowering in fear, terror and panic!

    Be warned, O ye feces fanboys!  Be warned!  This little lab experiment of God is just but a small display of his power.  If he wanted, he could create a supervirus to wipe out all gays!  Oh wait, he already has!

    Be warned, you gays, and repent because next a giant fish, a giant hurricane, a random cabal of exotic animals like we saw only months ago in the flyover country of Indiana or something much worse is coming for you!  Watch the video of God’s power and be afraid if you are gay or support gay marriage!  Your next ‘dip’ in the ocean may lead to your ETERNAL ‘dip’ in hell!

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