• God Smacks Euro Down to $1.30

    December 15, 2011 2:31 am 4 comments
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      Look at those numbers and behold God’s power!  The Euro is a scumbag currency created to rob America of our BIRTHRIGHT as the world’s lone superpower!

    It was only 70 years ago when the dirty Euro savages crawled over here on bent knee, begging America to shine God’s wrath down upon a beast known as Adolf Hitler!  The Europeans and their weak economies could not stand against the simple machinations of the German people.

    Like a father helping his meth addict son, America loned money to the Europeans.  We even fought their battles for them and shed our blood.  What thanks do we get.  Nothing!

    The Europeans gave birth to Israel right in the middle of angry Arabs, and then abandoned the child nation.  Like old, rich grandparents, we took the child under our wing of protection while our meth headed son still went out and started other trouble.

    And so history has pervaded.  Europe destroying the world and America trying to set their wrongs right.  But then, out of nowhere, Europe gave us the ultimate insult.  Just ask any parent of a druggie:  they robbed us to continue our habit.

    Europeans are no good bastards for trying to combine their moneys into one in order to weaken the dollar. And we’ve suffered.  We did not expect that our ‘allies’ would join with Russia, China, Japan and even the Arabs to weaken the USD, but they did.  And now again, they are paying the price.

    Their EU stands to fall.  War is brooding in their countries.  Islamic nationals can commit terror at any time.  And where do you think these dimwitted druggies will one again crawl?  You guessed it.  This time, though, I say we let God finish teaching them a lesson they will never forget.

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