• Heaven Weeps, Gays Are to Blame (And Obama Lesbian Letter)

    December 21, 2011 5:36 pm 40 comments

    Want to know how to make God and Heaven Weeps?  Here are the ingredients:

    Two Helpings of Lesbians




     1 sugar sprinkle of congratulatory magic Kenya with Uncle Tom’s watermelon grin




    And that is the tragic story today my friend.  Our Lord and his angels are all up in heaven weeping, because for the first time ever an American ‘president’ has congratulated a gay marriage couple and wished them good luck.

    Sure, God could have heated up a meteor by throwing it through the Sun and making the Sodomy Megalopolis of New York his catcher’s mitt.  God could have made the clouds turn into giant tsunamis like he did in Alabama yesterday, and made the flood waters only drown the sassy breathed lungs of every gay.  But he didn’t.  He was so sad that today all we can find is that heaven weeps.

    Here is the photo evidence Saint Peter will be using when he revokes Obama’s admission to heaven and he says “WHITE SOULS ONLY!”.  Obama will try to claim Christians are racist for not letting him in, but that’s when heaven’s lawyers will present this piece of evidence WHERE OBAMA WROTE A LETTTER AND CONGRATULATEDE TO TONGUE CONDLING FLICK LICK LESBIAN CLAMDABBLERS!


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