• Herman Cain Announcement Proves Marital Affairs Bigger Political Issue Than China’s Nuclear Ambitions

    December 4, 2011 10:06 pm 8 comments
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  • Another victory for the most bigoted enemies of America today: democrat socialists. Do you want to know what other political party started off as democrat socialists? The Nazis. Let’s keep that one in mind as we analyze why Herman Cain accouncement was forced out of the Republican presidential run-off.

    When Herman Cain first announced he was running for president, not many people paid too much mind. What did we know about the guy? He was the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He was apparently very laid back and liked to joke a bunch. He sang carols with his employees and seemed to have a 9-9-9 plan to fix America’s economy. Oh, and he was black and did not like homosexuals.

    Somehow in America, bigotry still exists. It is okay for people to call Herman Cain an ‘Uncle Tom’ because he does not speak ebonics and is a Republican, but yet it is not okay to tell two men they cannot teach our youngsters that male-on-male sodomy is a normal part of life?

    And sure, at this point some liberals will chime in and say they did not support Herman Cain because he was ignorant about international politics. Some liberal sources today pitted Cain’s failures on not knowing the extent of China’s nuclear capabilities or where some irrelevant countries not named America or G7 allies were located in the world.

    For any other candidate, such gaffs would be considered petty. We have Gingrich leading the GOP field and he hates poor children. Romney does not know how to coax the growing 99%’s anger and disillusion with the government, eating his meals of Mormonism’s golden tablets and crystal spoons. Bachmann is a prude who won’t flash her body, so she will never get the attention of Palin. Yet, all these people are leading Cain who is taking a media beating. And why?

    It all started about a month ago, when Herman Cain stated that he would uphold the Defense of Marriage Act. Herman Cain is against things like sodomy at the workplace and men tinkerbelling into the jewelry store to by to groom’s rings. It’s just not right or American.

    A powerhouse gay who has changed his name to Joe My God caught wind of this and started a pointed campaign to destroy Herman Cain. And my friends, let me tell you this. There is nothing more dangerous than a gay with an agenda. Gay men’s brains are different than our normal brains. While we are thinking things in a linear and proper manner, gays are so psychologically disturbed that they can plot like a woman.

    You’ve lined your pawns up to defend your kingdom to only find the gays aren’t playing by the rules, kicking the chess table over and shocking all the old men in the chess park with their wild pelvic thrusts and celebrating the right to marry and teach children that sodomy is fun.

    That is to say, the gays have no cares about what’s normal and proper for the rest of society.  Just like Bacchus, the god of wine, gays just want to get drunk on frilly drinks and participate in carnal pleasures, litigating every step we try to take to protect society from them as ‘bigotry’.

    And that’s where we are today. Gays are jealous of blacks because they want to be the new black.  They used the gay card to trump Herman Cain’s black card and these little anal joker poker’s have had the last laugh this weekend.

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