• Homosexual Left Develops Gay Gene, Manufacturing Scientific Support for Gay Agenda

    December 6, 2011 9:03 pm 38 comments

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    Scientists have used the discarded remains of innocent babies, or what they heartlessly call “stem cells” to develop the most startling abomination of nature to date, HMO-666, a gay gene, in hopes that they might use it to confound the American public, leaving them with no choice but to support their godless homosexual liberal agenda. The gay gene, they believe, will once and for all place the responsibility for gayness upon God himself, thereby making homosexuality’s classification as an abomination of God and a sin something to be reconsidered and abandoned as misguided ignorance. Discovery of a gay gene would render cretinous homosexuals not only free of responsibility for their choice of satanic lifestyle, but would even suggest that homosexuality is a part of God’s perfect and almighty plan for humankind.

    Although the mere creation of the gene is disturbing enough, the depths of the derangement on the part of these godless scientists does not end there. Not only have they developed this gene, but plans are underway to infect the American public with it, taking advantage of unsuspecting would-be parents in the process. The idea is to prey on the infertile. When couples come into the doctor complaining of infertility, doctors, most of whom belong to the godless homosexual liberal cabal which has wrestled the reigns of this country away from righteous god-fearing Americans to work in concert with the wishes and designs of Satan himself, will offer to help. Mimicking trials already completed on mice and chimpanzees, the doctors will then infect several of the woman’s eggs with gene HMO666,and implant them in the woman’s uterine wall.

    Days after this unholy conception, the woman may notice certain signs signaling to her that her pregnancy is, in fact, an atrocity. These signs may include: a sudden affinity for house and dance music, a desire to travel to godless homosexual liberal cabal hubs, such as San Francisco and New York City, and cravings for homosexual food stuffs such as frozen yogurt. She may even find herself compelled to paint the nursery in rainbow colors, a popular symbol of the godless homosexual liberal cabal.

    If a woman is discovered to be afflicted with any of the symptoms mentioned and has become pregnant by the means explained here, it is important that she abort the demonic creature immediately. Remember, this is not a pregnancy. The breath of life was not breathed into the demon seed by the divine, but by the wicked. The infant is the wicked and soulless creation of the godless homosexual liberal cabal, with the breath of life breathed into it by Satan himself. Abort the demonic seed, and to not shed tears for the wicked. God will not punish you for this, but will rejoice in your commitment to the ever-raging war against evil. Further measures, including radical hysterectomy, and subsequent burning of all uterine tissue should surely be taken to ensure Satan’s seed does not linger on to be reanimated and infect the righteous god-fearing American heartland.

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