• How Andy Beersack Stole Christmas

    December 23, 2011 5:46 pm 198 comments

    All was quiet through out the house. Nothing made a noise, not even a mouse. But then there was a scream and a clatter. It was the daughter…She had recently begun listening to sinful bands such as Black Veal Brides. The music had warped her fragile little mind, and turned her against her parents and against god. She stopped being a cute little girl and started dressing like an emosexual demon whore.

    Her parents were sad and didn’t know what to do. They prayed and talked to teachers and preachers. But no one could help. She was under a dreadful spell that couldn’t be broken. No one knew what the problem was.

    But one lone website had the answer. Christwire.org. A brave old Lady named Susan knew what was a matter. It was the demonic forces behind Emosexuality. She pleaded with parents in her articles to stop their daughters access to this filthy emo music from bands such as Black Veal Brides, Falling On Reverse, My Chemical Romance, The Devil Wears Prada, and Bring Me The Horizon, that had taken the innocence from her and filled her head with darkness.

    Her parents had always been liberal and wanted to be their kids friends and not their parents. Instead of taking away her C.D.s and searching her ipod for demonic emo itunes they allowed her to keep the filth going into her ear holes day in and day out.

    They hoped that it would get better, that she would get better. But it got worse. Instead of blaming theirselves they blamed each other. Her acting out drove them apart. They got divorced and turned away from God.

    Soon, the father drank himself to death from liver cancer. And the mother was killed in a car accident. Because they got divorced and never asked for forgiveness from God for their sin they both burned in hell. And it was all the emosexual daughters fault.

    Since no one in the family wanted emo kids they went to live in an orphanage. Because their parents had never been good parents and taught the kids how to behave like proper, normal Americans they were never adopted. They bounced around from foster home to foster home.

    All they were, was a check to a poor family, never loved and never cared for, they never learned how to be decent humans. The boys went into gay porn and the emosexual daughter became a stripper and died from an cocaine overdose…while upside down on the pole.

    This all happened because Andy Beersack cares more about selling C.D.s and itunes than your childs soul.

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