• HRC Increasing Gay Recruitment Measures; Amassing Homo Army for Armageddon

    December 6, 2011 9:09 pm 25 comments

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    The Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual liberal cabal working tirelessly to turn the god-fearing American heartland into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah struck again this week. Sources report HRC call centers have nearly tripled their recruitment efforts recently in light of the quickly nearing and widely accepted date for the Apocalypse, December 21, 2012. Although sources within HRC have not come forward in admission of the fact, it is clear that HRC plans to amass a liberal homosexual army to battle mightily against the righteous during the post-apocalyptic war of Armageddon.

    Pastor Louis Starch of New Spirit Church in Colorado Springs, CO, warns righteous Christians not to let their guards down, “these fags, fairies or what have you want you to think that they are limp-wristed pornography addicts incapable of self-defense or organization.” The righteous should not allow themselves to be duped by Satan’s lies and trickery. “We need only to look at their filthy rolling sex and glitter parties to know that these people are highly organized and efficient, that they have infiltrated every level of government, and that they must be stopped,” he added in reference to the pitiable abominations referred to most commonly in secular circles as “gay pride parades”.

    “Their women are even stronger than their men,” Suzanne Baxter, lifelong member of New Spirit Church warns of the homosexual liberal cabal. “You can spot them by their mullets, or what I call the haircut of the beast.”

    Pastor Starch, speaking from the pulpit this last Sunday, left people with the following, ”In preparation for the approaching battle of the filthy and forsaken versus the righteous, it is important to remain firm in our beliefs. However, we must also increase vigilance in spreading the word of the one and only righteous and true God, Jesus Christ. Remember that the gospel is a gift to be shared. Do not keep it selfishly for yourself, but give it to those in need, whether it be in the break room at work, in line at the bank, or even if it means staging a Christian play at a local fag funeral. Although you may be greeted with hateful jeers, you may be thanked later when one lucky converted fag is saved from the eternal torment of hellfire his liberal fag friends will most surely be enduring. And, of course, the righteous will thank God that we have one more person ready to fight the good fight.”

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