• “I Caught My Son Looking at Internet Pornography!”

    December 2, 2011 4:31 pm 72 comments

    stephenson billings pornNothing is more tragic than seeing your beautiful child lose his precious innocence. This issue is made even worse when that drama involves internet pornography, the diseased vice that spreads through wires and techno bits across the world with an easy click. How does a mother face this situation from a Christian perspective? It takes a great deal of love and faith. Many “liberated” parents take the position that this sort of thing is natural and necessary, but keeping the Spirit of the Lord strong in your home takes a different approach.

    The instructional video below is a great resource for parents of teen boys. It shows how one can handle the discovery of a porn-surfing son with a firm hand. You need to be passionate, direct and ready with Scripture. The scenario presented here is forthright without being confrontational, wise without being pedantic and parental without being too liberal. Don’t let this important issue slip by on your watch. Don’t delay, parents need to deal with the problem of teen sexuality right away!

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