• Is Daddy Yankee Dead, Died in A Car Crash?

    December 18, 2011 12:13 am Comments Off
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  • Daddy Yankee is not dead and Daddy Yankee has not died in a car crash.

    Here’s the backstory to how this rumor started.  Daddy Yankee is not a very tech savvy or interested person when it comes to Twitter.  Apparently, not all his fans understand this fact.

    During the day, a traffic accident took place and someone Tweeted ‘live’ from the scene:  “OMG, DADDY YANKEE DIED IN THIS CAR CRASH”.  While the Twitpic that accompanied that message has since been removed, the story took on a burning popularity like a fire racing through Souther California’s chapparal.

    As fan after fan tweeted @DaddyYankee with no response, the rumor only built strength.  How could it be a celebrity could go on without talking about himself for over an hour?  When everything reached the crucial 20 hours without a tweet mark, everyone was pretty sure the story was true.  Only one problem.

    Daddy Yankee is not dead.  He just doesn’t feel the need to live on Twitter, ya twits.

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