• Is it Time for America to Destroy the Moon?

    December 8, 2011 5:38 pm 357 comments

    Twelve men have walked on the moon. Twelve American Men. Twelve Caucasian Men. Twelve Straight men. Think about that number twelve. It’s perfect, just like the men who walked on the moon were. Jesus first appeared in public at age 12, he had twelve disciples, there are twelve legions of angels, and many other references to 12.

    Now the Chinese are committed to a manned program of lunar landings from 2025-2030. It is crucial we protect the moon for American interests and values. So we must destroy it.

    Why Should we as Americans destroy the moon?

    The Chinese intend to disrespect our Moon. They are awful people that do awful things. They hope to colonize the moon and turn it red and hold it above us. Our Obama has gutted our economy and NASA so badly we have no hopes of beating them back to the moon to protect what is ours. The Moon is defenseless against the red menace.

    Much has been discussed about mining the moon for valuable resources. These resources belong to America. We can’t let the Chinese steal them. If we destroy the Moon, we will prevent these resources from falling into enemy hands. In addition to keeping these valuable resources from the Chinese, a controlled demolition of the moon will allow many chunks of it to fall harmlessly to earth where we can pay Mexicans pennies a day to harvest them for us.

    A Chinese controlled Moon would be a nightmare for America. See the moon above you? Now picture a Chinaman taking pictures of you from there. Spying on you in your back yard, watching our movements, counting our weapons, looking at the volleyball team changing their clothes, they disrespect us. The moon has less gravity. It may even be possible for Chinese people from the moon to shoot at us. We must not let them control our moon.

    Wee foolishly spend billions of dollars dismantling our nuclear arsenal. These weapons were gifts, a triumph of Caucasian ingenuity and might. If we must get rid of them, at least use them to destroy the moon. The cost savings could go to new military technology, maybe a wall on the Mexican border, or put towards new oil expiration of northern lands.

    Floods and Tidal waves cause billions of dollars of damage a year. An end to the moon means an end to tides. We will also be finally free of the hippies trying to use waves for clean energy.

    JKK Rowlings twilight novels revolve around werewolf’s who are pedophiles. These books corrupt American values. Removing the moon will ruin these female dreams of being raped by wolves, freeing them to focus on normal human endeavors.

    Crime rates skyrocket when the moon is full in the night sky. How can we with a good conscience allow this to continue? We wouldn’t tolerate black drug dealers in our neighborhood, but we tolerate the menace in the sky tormenting our civilization. Imagine how peaceful evenings would be, being out late looking up at a sky with more stars and not being stabbed by a Mexican.

    Yes, the time has come to destroy the moon
    It is right to do the right thing the American thing. Evil, including the blood cycle of the female is tied to the moon. America has conquered the moon, now we must destroy it. For the children.


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