• Is The Amazon Price Check App Fair to Stores like Walmart and Target?

    December 11, 2011 8:14 pm 11 comments
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  • Amazon.com has announced the launch of a new phone app that will let shoppers calculate potential savings on virtually any good they can physically find in any store.  And naturally, corporate executives at megachains like Walmart and Target are crying foul.

    Imagine being in Walmart, looking at televisions or for some reason, their shoddy desks.  While the prices might seem nice, you still may get a better deal.  How would you know?  With Amazon’s new app, you simply enter the product name and information.  Amazon will then search its online database, among others, and see if the product is being offered for less somewhere else (including shipping).  If you find the product for less, the app gives you the option to buy and let’s you know when to expect your nice new toy.

    Retailers are saying that in the long run this type of consumer service could ruin their business models.  And I say tough luck.  How many Mom and Pop stores have been muscled out of town my Walmart?  Really, the very people who purportedly give their employees shoddy insurance backing (like the lady with cancer they cutt off) and make those poor old people stand at the door to greet others in the middle of winter are complaining about something being ‘unfair’. 

    Call me a bleeding heart liberal all you want, but I think these big stores have it coming.  After all, they are simply a middle man who like to jack up prices as they see fit.  If a company can offer the service for less money and we want to buy it, that’s called good capitalism.

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