• Jon Bon Jovi is Dead

    December 19, 2011 6:15 pm 15 comments

    Jon Bon Jovi died of a hetachromia coma.

    God is really on a smiting spree this weekend. First it was the unholy tandem of Kim Jong Il and his daughter Lil’ Kim. Next, we have another ‘glame rocker’ Jon Bovi Jovi dead!

    This great news is almost too much to ask for the week before Christmas. For years I have preached and warned everyone that Jon Bon Jovi is evil and the devil. First of all, his eyes are mismatched like a cat. By this rare eye coloration alone you can tell the man is half human, half cat demon.

    Bowie allegedly died of a coma, probably from all the sniffed drugs and pantie thongs thrown to him at his concert.  Eventually it all eats away at the brain and when you are a homosexual glame rocker, your chances of coming up dead go up at least 30%.

    I say Goodbye and Good riddance!  This is the man who made the song “Hot for Teacher” that made women like Debbie Lafave and other cradle robbers force young men in high school to do unimaginable things to their bodies!  SickO!

    You can bet tonight Satan is doing the Stray Cat Strut in the dairy fancy of this rocker!  We’ll see who is “Hot for Satan” when he gets a red hot rod coal waggle up his Cosby popper!  Hah!

    Call me heartless, but I hate rock music and the people who perform it.

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