• Katy Perry Exposes Ripe Sin Treats to Hawaii/World and Destroys Christmas/Souls of Millions

    December 28, 2011 2:37 am 26 comments

    Katy Perry Exposes Ripe Sin Treats to Hawaii/World and Destroys Christmas/Souls of Millions
    -Chuck D. Finley

    Hawaii-An amazing amount of christwire articles have chronicled the dirty whorishness of Katy Perry over the years. But I am afraid to report that she has befouled the most holiest of Christian Holidays. This weekend she travelled to the Island Nation of Hawaii where she put on a private show for the local island Chief there. During the show she mocked christianity by wearing a most sinful Santa suit. As if that was not enough she pretended to perform mouth sex acts upon the local chief there.

    As soon as the show was over she encouraged the crowd to join her for a dip in the ocean. She ripped off the Santa suit to reveal her sparsly covered yet ripe sin treats. They were barely contained in her top. She cavorted around and then snuggled up with another woman who I am sure she kissed and liked it, and a young male.

    KatyPerry 3 some

    Today millions of young men woke up to the news and pictures of her revealing her full milk sacks. Soon after, thousands upon thousands of young men pleasured theriselves in the most profane of ways. How could they not? What kind of moral young woman unleashes sin treats of such massive and saggy size upon the male world.

    Katy Perry would do well to read Sister Susan’s recent article “10 Ways To Be a Proper Christian Woman and Please Your Christian Man” She should especially read the section about not being a whorelot. Because of her level of sluttiness that British emosexual Russell Brand is the only man that will love her. Because of Katy Perry’s sluttiness millions of young men could die tonight and have the sin of Self Fornication on their souls.

    and burn in hell!

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