• Kim Jong Un, The Dictator Dough Boy and Future North Korean Leader?

    December 19, 2011 7:00 am 5 comments
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    Laughs out loud!  Look at his three chinny chin Chins!  Maybe hims name should be Kim Jong Chin like all his other Chinase brethren!

    Oh man North Korea is really a dim future now!  How’s can we take him seriously when he calls up President Perry in 2012 and he says, him’s says, “Ohrrrreiii eee edis ee diss America?”

    President Perry will be like, “Boy, is that you Chin Dough boy prank calling me?”

    And chinny chin will say, “Yaaah, we want nuke!  we want nuke now!” and they will play it on NBC nightly news live and we will all laught with delight!  Bake us some cookies Pillsbury!  Hah!

    This fat chin boy cannot threaten us.  He will more likely die from some weird bird flu or heart infarction from all their greasy egg drog pupu platter noodle soups drop on the menu!  Oh my, I know it is early and I haven’t even cleared my eyes yet but when I ssaw this on my alert desk today I just has to share with you.

    This is the boy who would be king and I can only hope they name him official ruler, because he does look like a Chinese Pillsburty Dough Boy.

    Hmm hmmm!

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