• Korean Dictator Jim Kong Il, Inspiration for the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Dead at 69

    December 19, 2011 12:14 am 94 comments

    Communist dictator Jim Kong Il, the leader of the Asian nation of Korea, has died at age 69. The longtime despot gained international infamy when President George W. Bush recognized his role in violence and evil around the world, naming him a key figure in the notorious “Axis of Evil.” Other members of that select cabal of unholy criminals are now dead, including Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

    stephenson billings on kongKong’s reign was one of violence and terror. He stole nuclear technology from Pakistan in an attempt to build weapons of mass destruction which he hoped to use against American interests. His nation has been the chief source of counterfeit U.S. currency around the world. His extreme form of communism bankrupted his country and drove his people to the brink of starvation. Yet along the way, Kong’s voracious appetite for fine wines and expensive automobiles knew no bounds. His children also mimicked his indulgent tastes and much like other Asians, became obsessed with video gaming and white women, despite their genetic sexual limitations.

    Even in America, the influence of Kong had a lasting effect. Many radicals idolized his adherence to communism and totalitarianism. They mistakenly viewed him as a hero, a gorilla warrior against American power and Democratic capitalism. For many experts, it came as no surprise to see a decidedly anti-capitalist bent among the Occupy Wall Street rioters who owed Kong so much. The crude, simplistic uniforms of the protesters mirrored the Korean leader’s own style, with their countercultural hairstyles and dark sunglasses. They hated America just as Kong himself did.

    stephenson billings on  kong

    Tragically, most Americans never fully understood the evil that Jim Kong represented. He epitomized the “enigmatic oriental,” always secretive and confusing. Western leaders could barely understand his motivations and, at times, it seemed as if Kong himself knew not what he was doing. His plotting, quiet nature is something he shared with the Chinese, who hide behind an intentionally complex language as a means to plot and steal from Allied interests. Even with Kong’s death, America should remain as alert as ever when dealing with such nefarious foreigners.

    stephenson billings on kongIt remains to be seen how the death of Kong will change the presidential race, but surely Barack Obama is mourning the loss of such an important ally. During Bill Clinton’s presidency, many foreign Asian interests funneled millions into his campaign to prop up the Democratic administration. For communist powers, liberalism offers them a safe harbor for their schemes and diversions. They see vulnerable men like Obama as contributing to the destruction of faith and family, two institutions which radical socialist nations abhor.

    On the Republican side, there has been no word yet on how candidates like Congresswoman Bachmann or Speaker Gingrich are reacting. For them, such a difficult transition of power over in Asia surely presents positive opportunities for the United States. This is undoubtedly a victory for America’s global effort to stamp out violence, cruelty and suppression. Indeed, many citizens will surely give thanks this holiday season that the Christian-inspired goals of President George W. Bush are truly coming to fruition.

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