• Lauren Scruggs Video – Reporter Model Walks into Plane Propeller

    December 7, 2011 4:12 am Comments Off
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  • A 23-year-old woman named Lauren Scruggs is truly blessed today after she walked into a moving plane’s propellar and survived.

    Today’s harrowing tale with a bittersweet ending starts in Plano, Texas, where a beautiful, talented and outgoing 23-year-old’s life was suddenly changed following a rare incident that has FAA officials upset and parents hurt but optimistic about their daughter’s condition.

    Lauren Scruggs, a model and editor for an onlinesite was getting off a small private plane after looking at area Christmas lights from far above. After getting off the plane, Scruggs somehow managed to walk into the plane’s moving propeller.

    Scruggs’ body was severely injured by the propeller. A hand immediately ripped off by the blades, her left eye, shoulder and head also being injured. The young woman was immediately rushed to a local hospital where she is now miraculously recovering and has even managed to speak to her family in small bits.

    Scruggs is the fashion blogger for Lolo.com and has interviewed various celebrities, well establishing henrself a name and reputation in the fashion and entertainment industry. At current report, the full extent of Scruggs’ brain injury is unknown.

    Lauren’s parents remain by her side, her father stating that she said “Hi.” to him and told her sisters that she loves them.

    While the scenario remains unclear how exactly a passenger of a plane could be in a position to walk into a propeller that should be shut down, FAA officials are conducting an investigation and trying to see why the pilot of the plane would have not completely shut the plane down until everyone was away from the landing area.

    Lauren’s father speculates that that his daughter may have very well exited the plane and then approached the pilot, to tell him thank you as she is prone to do. During this time and in the complete dark, Lauren may not have realized the plane’s blades were still turning.

    We wish Lauren all the best and hope that she enjoyed the speediest and best recovery possible.


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