• Liberal Spy Tricks Rick Perry into Wearing Brokeback Mountain Jacket

    December 11, 2011 10:09 am 7 comments

    It looks like the liberal whore media machine has ripped our Godly candidate Rick Perry a new a**hole today. In Governor Perry’s powerful “strong” video where he correctly blamed the homosexuals for causing all the problems with economy, jobs and terrorists that plague America, he was seemingly wearing a very manly outfit.

    A tough, rugged jacket of untamed cow leather that only men who shave and use kerosene aftershave would wear. His jeans were blue and belt buckle big, showing that he proudly stands firm as a man who controls his wife and will snap his fingers and have another loin child when he wants and how he wants. This is the type of family man American needs and deserves.

    But as always, the liberals are getting the last laugh. We already exposed how the music in the Strong video was written by a secretly homosexual composer. If that bombshell was not damaging enough, same gay staffer bought Rick Perry the authentic and tough leather jacket that Heath Ledger played in homosexual cowboy fecal mud stomping flick named Brokeback Mountain. Look at this!

    I warned everyone about how the gays are dangerous because they are not like normal men. They are sassy and crafty like a woman, because they spend all day picking their nails at their secretary jobs and finding ways to one-up us real men. It is just like trying to argue against your wife with these gay men, you just cannot win! They are too crafty adn this is more proof of WHY WE MUST SIMPLY BAN THEIR EFFORTS. No gay marriage. No gay adoption. No sodomy and animal tingling. Gays want to legalize all these things and say ‘only for them’ but before you know it, we’ll all be bent over and wondering why Jeremy the Colon Ferret is tickling our backsides and it is perfectly legal!

    I really feel sorry for Rick Perry right now and I bet Satan is sassfrashing all around and high-fiving the gays because they really got us pretty good on this one. Hopefully whatever left wing radical pro-gay spy is in Rick Perry’s camp and bought that jacket is fired!

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