• Liberal Women Escaping God’s Wrath with Orgasm Birth Planned Parenthood Breakthrough

    December 30, 2011 6:33 pm 93 comments

    Birth is a painful, bloody gushing experience just as God designed it to be. I once shadowed a doctor at our local hospital and watched child birth. There was so much bloods and women birth sap I had to bring many buckets to cart it all out of there before the medical team slipped and fell or something. And the women was being so loud it was awful.

    Women have to go through this experience, but they have to just deal with it like God intended.

    But now I hear about this new birthing breakthrough by liberal women that they can have a orgasm during BIRTH!

    What kind of sick fetish are these women taught in school. They are getting pregnant with no pain and using their baby to have a satanic moment in their nether regions. And then later they will tell their kid and get a kick out of it.

    See in this video what I am talking about. :

    This women is telling you to bring your sexy toys, and dangle your milk sacs in front of your baby and even have your doctor join on the action and ring her satan’s doorbell.

    Soon we will have more teen pregnancy because women will be getting pregnant just to have these ecstacy orgasms, and even taking to drugs to have more of their Period to use those for orgasms too??

    And all of this at the expense of men

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