• Lindsay Lohan Pictorial Reveals Public Lack of Taste

    December 18, 2011 7:39 am 8 comments
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  • Author's recreation of the Lindsay Lohan pictorial from playboy.

    Several weeks ago recurrent drug user and leg gapper Lindsay Lohan apparently made bosom buddies with Hugh Heffner and appeared in his academically fueled periodical, Playboy. 

    Shockingly, Lohan did not contribute a mentally enthralling piece to the magazine but instead took off her clothes and bared her skin and showed everyone her airbrushed tweeter geeter!  Someone did the world the disservice of leaking the pictures online and that should not shock anyone.

    The news and funny aspect of the story is Hugh Heffner’s statement over the issue.  “We had to convince Lindsay Lohan to take her clothes off.”  And somewhere in the North Pole, Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer is pimping his hoes and convincing Bambi that The Man is the bringer of butterscotch rainbow happiness.

    Of course Lohan wanted to strip and get paid for it.  But the sick, sad thing is that this Lindsay Lohan pictorial rompus is the most heavily searched thing in the world right now.  Even after the leak and Heffner’s litigators cleaning the internet of the filth, many sites are still finding ways to happily display the eye blinding material.

    From various sources, the pictures were apparently heavily airbrushed and looked more like a layer of clown’s paint was put over the top of the Mean Girl’s face.  And even that act is an insult to professional clowns across the world.

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