• Mars Needs Moms Named Worst Movie of 2011

    December 29, 2011 12:36 am 6 comments
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    One of the horrible things of the modern age are liberal atheists.  Instead of insuring that our children are receiving a wholesome education of how the Earth was created and formed as perfectly explained in the Bible, they instead like to make up fantasies of strange alien visitors coming to the ancient world and building pyramids and teaching us how to eat.

    If you want to know what atheists believe to be real, just open up your nearest Superman comic book.  These people think that one day, we will evolve all these ‘magical’ abilities like shooting fire from our eyes and flying all around in capes and tight pants.  You may think it seems farfetched, but then again you must remember that these are the same people who believe a ‘big bang’ somehow magically started all life and that we’re all evolved from bacteria and monkeys.  In that scope of reasoning, I guess a man fantastically flying all around with super breath and lifting 500 ton objects does not seem out of the realm of possibility.

    While atheists are making all sorts of progress and getting their bizarre cult teachings into our schools, it is good to see they still do not have a full hold on our culture.  Evidence is this is the recent Mars Needs Moms movie that was produced by renown UK atheist Richard Dawkins.

    Dawkins is an evil man who cheers for underaged martinis, abortions and anarchy with one hand, and toots his own horn with the other.  Dawkins intended for his destructive movie Mars Needs Moms to be a breakout piece that would indoctrinate millions of kids to believe in evolution, but instead, his plan backfired and this claptrap has been voted 2011′s worst movie of the year.  Compare this to the prior Christian family-friendly blockbuster, the Passion of the Christ, which is still outselling Dawkin’s new release.


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