• Max Green – Emosexual Transgendered Sorcerer of the Devil

    December 21, 2011 11:07 am 79 comments

    If there’s anything God hates more than atheists, it’s followers of black magic and the devil himself. Don’t be fooled by his baby-faced appearance: Max Green is a dirty, filthy slave to all things homo and sinful.

    Look at the cake-faced sodomite. Is that a pentagram on his ring?

    Now, we could simply take this at face value. We can clearly see Max Green is a transgendered goth. What man, in his right mind, would paint his hair black and grow it to that length? It seems obvious to me that Max is yet another Marilyn Manson wannabe.

    To obtain a deeper understanding of this demon’s reign of tyranny on the music industry, we must dive into his troubled past. As a child, Max grew up in a broken home where he would often be defiled by his father’s twiddle rompus at night. This exploitation of his innocent youth drove Max into an eternal rage of hateful gay orgies and effeminate behaviour. Because of this, Max found he could relate to screamo music.

    In 2004, Max Green founded the emosexual rock group Escape The Fate with none other than Ronnie Radke himself. Their notorious friendship led them to be known as the Terror Twins, which was accurate in more ways than one. Ronnie and Max, both overwhelmed with childhood difficulties, developed an intimate homosexual relationship. They would kiss and dry-hump publicly in order to persuade the emosexual youth into conducting sinful acts. After singing countless songs about homoerotic dreams (My Apocalypse), fornication (Situations), necrophilia (Cellar Door) and communist sex games (Not Good Enough For Truth And Cliche), Escape The Fate placed themselves on the frontline of the emosexual movement.

    It would seem, in his grand scheme of things, that Max Green was doing quite well for himself. In return for selling his soul to the devil, Max had his dream career, boyfriend, fangirls, money, and all the dark clothing and make-up he could adorn himself with. Little did he know that he was about to lose everything.

    At a Las Vegas gay bar in 2006, Max found himself being approached by a group of strong-looking gay bears. Filled with jealousy and hate, his lover Ronnie Radke decided to start a brawl with these fellow sodomites. Much to Max’s discontent, a fight broke out on such a massive scale that Ronnie ended up shooting dead one of the bears. The news stations were alerted and a manhunt began for the singer-gone-murderer Ronnie Radke. Max decided to run away with his gay lover, only to eventually be caught by the police. Max was set free, but Ronnie was arrested and sent to jail for four years.

    Heartbroken and depressed, Max Green turned to drugs and satanic rituals. This induced a massive transformation within him, where he was so trapped in despair he’d lost his very soul.

    Escape The Fate carried on with christian rock singer Craig Mabbitt as a replacement to Radke. With a new frontman at the helm, Escape The Fate decided to clean up their act and became a well-established christian band. Max Green was subsequently kicked out of the band this year for sodomy and drug abuse. Hoorah! Praise Jesus above.

    Gone are the days where this satanic pig was allowed to infiltrate our children’s minds with perverted acts of crime against God. It’s a tragic tale of a young boy losing his mind, but it’s a tale we can all learn from. Sodomy is never acceptable. If you, or someone you know is at risk, talk to your local pastor immediately.

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