• NASA announces planet in habitable zone, likely evolution hoax

    December 7, 2011 1:34 pm 21 comments
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  • It is no secret that NASA has been struggling in its current state. They so desperate to promote their evolutonism lie and have gone so far as to release questionable data relating to the “Arsenic-bug” which was said to substitute arsenic for phosphorous, making it a “new farm of life”

    … yeah right.

    NASA’s earlier evolution hoax

    In a similar attempt to falsify God’s science they recently announced a planet discovered by Kepler that is in the middle of the habitable zone (right in the middle? sounds too goood to be true to me) of a “sun-like” star. This planet is supposedly called Kepler22b, but I like to call it “Darwin’s Life-filled Ball” because it is a true child of social darwinism, and evolotionists are trying to claim it is full of life.

    This planet is said to be 70 degrees all the time which sounds way too nice, even God’s Earth does not have so much nice weather.

    They don’t even know if it is liquid or rock or gassy, all they are saying is that it is “small.” Some scientists.

    Sounds like a LOAD of ********* to me!

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