• North Korea Names Kim Jong-Un as Supreme Leader, What Does this Mean for America?

    December 29, 2011 2:28 am 11 comments
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  • North Korea has officially declared Kim Jong-un is the uncontested dictator of the militant, nucear-weapon enabled country of North Korea.  A longtime enemy of democracy and capitalism, North Korea is steadfest allies with the Soviet Union and China.  Forming a deadly new tripartite pact among North Korea, Soviet Russia and China is thought to be a priority mission of Kim Jong-Un’s early days as Supreme Commander of North Korea.

    Powerful Asian nations such as North Korea, Japan, China and the extant Soviet Union have long envisioned ways of capturing Washington and bringing the powerful US economy under the control of a socialist regime, one even more deadly than what Obama and Congressional democrats are trying to implement.

    Already, millions of North Koreans have descended upon Pyonyang to hail their new leader and pledge their loyalty to him.

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    According to sources, the bulk of the crowd was made up of ‘fit and active’ soldiers who are well versed in hand-to-hand combat, weapons and nuclear fusion.

    In the ceremony, Kim Yong-name, the president of the North Korean Parliament ushered in a new era for the Cold-war country:   “Respected Comrade Kim Jong-un is now supreme leader of our party, military and people.  He inherits the ideology, leadership, courage and audacity of Comrade Kim Jong-il.”

    The North Korean people tend to have monolithic devotion to their leaders and in this smooth transition of power, it was all the same.  Crowds of people in North Korea lined up in precise, robotically perfect rows and braved cold weather to make sure their new Supreme Commander had a warm welcome.

    Many in attendance noted that in dress, appearance and stature, Kim Jong-Un looks like the highly revered Kim Il-sung, the father of the recently passed Kim Jong-Il.

    The secretive nature of North Korea does not allow much to be known about the leadership of the country, but it is assumed that Kim Jong-Un is very young, perhaps somewhere in his mid to late 20s.  Given the development of the power elite in Pyongyang, it is likely the Un will enjoy a very long life and therefore will be a great force and potential obstacle to US foreign policy if he keeps practicing his father’s hardline, defiant stance toward US and UN demands.

    Washington and Seoul concerns are more than realized with one proclamation from the North Korean government:  Un will continue his father’s “songun” policy.  Translated, songun means “Military First” and it indicates North Korea will continue to hold a defiant and adversarial role to US dictations upon them, likely resulting in more sanctions that are destructive to the common people of North Korea.

    With Iran seeking alliance with North Korea and nuclear arms, even testing the international waters that the US navy patrols and protrects, Washington will soon have to pressure North Korea to abide by US policy or face even more dire consequences, not excluding a military invasion if Pyongyang will not surrender all nuclear material and intelligence to US officials.

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