• OBAMA NATION: Woman Arrested After Performing Abortion on Herself

    December 2, 2011 7:09 am 11 comments

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    (credit: Google Maps)The gay marriage city of New York has even more shame today, following the report of a woman performing an abortion on herself.

    As many of you already know, the current president of America is a potential Muslim national who believes that killing babies is okay.

    Obama has repeatedly refused to stand up for the rights of children, as any decent person should be wont to do.  Obama is not a decent person, however, and now we see the fruits of his labors.


    (credit: Google Maps)

    It was New York’s finest sad responsibility to announce that Obama’s gay marriage and abortion-friendly liberals laws has lead to a case where a Manhattan woman has been alleged with performing a self abortion.

    The woman’s name is reportedly Yaribely Almonte, aged 20, who is accused fo wrapping the fetus of her unborn daughter in plastic and other crimes too unspeakable to mention.

    While the case is sad and authorities are investigating on how the woman ended her pregnancy, the big question in this issue is why do we allow abortion in the first place?

    According to New York state law, it is only legal to perform an abortion on a child older than 24 weeks if it is deemed medically life-saving for a woman.  Why are women given this right in the first place, as if a child somehow is less worthy of life at 23 weeks, and 6 days?  What makes ’24 weeks’ the magical jumping point.

    It is my matter of fact that courts of moral counselors should be appointed to oversee abortion on a case by case basis, until we can litigate the meaning of life and get the definition of abortion to be the illegal termination of any initialized human process.

    Once a sperm homonculus mixes with a woman’s egg and begins the process of incubation, we should be hands off on anything that will disturb that life process.  The growing life deserves to live no matter what, that’s just the tough nature of the issue.  If women do not want to get pregnant, they can be medically fixed to do so.  That’s all I have to say on that and if you don’t like it, we just have to agree to disagree.

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