• Pandagate Scandal Rocks British House of Lords

    December 29, 2011 1:34 am 4 comments
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  • London, England – The wigged dandy redcoats who used to Lord over America are up to their typical tricks and deception.  Today the British people were shocked to learn of a new Pandagate scandal where the British MPs were adopting and supporting Beijing ‘pandas’ in exchange for royal currency.  Some of the MPs even claimed to have ‘imported’ pandas to take personal care of the animals at various nature preserves.

    One intrepid reporter with the Daily Mail found a secret document, however, that proved a shocking fact.  The British House of Lords were using “Pandas” as a codeword for “Prostitutes”.  Complicit in the scheme to import handmaidens to their chamber of secrets are three members of the House of Lords, whose names are currently being withheld until a proper trial can be established.

    The most shocking detail of this scheme was revealed today on BBC.  Apparently, the ‘pandas’ that were being shipped from China to the UK were women dressed in a giant panda costumes.  This sort of sick behavior is so typical of the British ‘royalty’ and only proves why the country is failing economically, spiritually, militarily and socially.

    Tian Tian stretches after eating her panda cake in her enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo (Pic:PA)

    British MPs in the House of Lords were using UK taxpayer money to ship prostitutes to themselves in what is now known as the Pandagate Scandal.  Outraged Brits are still waiting to find the identity of the Lords who were complicit in this scheme.

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